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Q: What if I need to make changes to the details for a meeting I’ve posted on the Guest Speakers Wanted Event Calendar?

A: You can make changes to any aspect of your meeting by clicking here and filling out the Change Request Form >>

Q: I just registered my group. Why do I have to add my meetings to your calendar?

A: Adding your meetings to the Guest Speakers Wanted Event Calendar is optional, but recommended. The PerfectMatch system is only designed to work with specific meeting information that powers the match, though. Posting your meetings will help remove some Meeting Organizer by eliminating your need to search for free speakers. Instead pre-qualified, auto-matched, and eager free speakers will be sent straight to your e-mailbox.

If you haven’t entered your meeting dates, locations, and preferences into the Guest Speakers Wanted Event Calendar yet, you can click here to get started >>.

Q: How will the connection get made between our group and a PerfecMatch Speaker?

A: Speakers in your area who are a PerfectMatch for your group will contact you at the e-mail address you provided when you posted your meeting(s) on the Guest Experts Wanted Event Calendar.

Q: How long will it be before speakers start making contact?

A: There’s no way to know that definitively, but we will continue to promote your group and your event all the way up to your booking deadline. If you need to change the booking deadline for any of your meetings, click here >>

Q: How can I view my meeting posted on the Guest Speakers Wanted Event Calendar?

A: That’s easy! Just click here to see the Guest Speakers Wanted Event Calendar >>

Q: I listed several meetings to be included on your meeting calendar, but I don’t see them all. Where are the rest of my meetings?

A: Good question! There are two answers. First, we’re in the Beta phase of development with our PerfectMatch system. So, not all of the meetings will be shown on the calendar immediately while we are testing and adjusting all of our processes. Second, because of the number of meeting requests we receive, we release meetings according to your “Book By Deadline” so that each meeting can get spotlighted as much as possible. Do you need to change your Book By Deadline? Just click here to let us know >>

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