Deadline: 09/29/2017 – Business, Leadership, Inspiration Speakers Needed on 02/14/2018 in Corpus Christi, Texas for SBI Annual Conference 2018: “Small Business by the Sea”

02/14/2018 – 02/17/2018
Omni Hotel
Corpus Christi – Texas Meeting
Small Business Institute SBI Annual Conference 2018: “Small Business by the Sea”


Speaker Application Deadline: 09/29/2017

Preferred Meeting Topic:
Business, Leadership, Inspiration

Number of Attendees Expected:

Preferred Qualifications of the Speaker:
Professional Experience with Topic Proposed, Subject Matter Expert

Special Details About This Meeting/Audience:
The innovative education, teaching, and pedagogy track allows instructors to share techniques and
strategies for teaching and learning success including innovations, trends, and best pedagogical
practices in engaged student learning.

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Scope / Reach of the Organization:
Local, Regional, National

Name of Meeting Organizer:
Timothy Dunne

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