How to Get Paid Doing What You Love
Experts Earn Extra Podcast with Mark Porteous and
Mandy Bass, Founder of

How Speakers Earn Extra Podcast Interview Mark Porteous FreeSpeakerBureau Mandy BassIn this How Experts Earn Extra Podcast, Founder, Mandy Bass, interviews Inspired Messenger Network’s founder Mark Porteous and gets his expert advice about “How to Get Paid Doing What You Love.”
This FreeSpeakerBureau Podcast you will reveal:

  • The most important key to being successful as a messenger
  • How to infuse your unique purpose into whatever you are doing
  • How to align your life purpose with your work
  • The four aspects of life purpose and how to work with them
  • An incredible free, downloadable gift: “Life Mapping Your Purpose Sweet Spot” assessment tool

Mark Porteous is a Transformational Business Coach who empowers other coaches, messengers and healers to share their gifts with a larger audience so they can thrive in their purpose of transforming lives. With twenty years of soul centered sales and entrepreneurial experience, he is able to guide his clients to create a comprehensive strategy to share their story, attract a larger audience and enroll ideal clients with ease and integrity.

In his book, “Maximizing Your Human Experience; A Personal Travel Guide for Your Journey of Life,” Mark shares powerful tools to navigate your path toward self actualization and his personal understanding of manifestation to create the joyous life you truly desire. Fueled by his vision of humanity’s return to a state of oneness, a world where we all recognize our connection to each other and all that surrounds us, Mark is on a mission to accelerate the shift in social consciousness from our current state of “fear and separation” to our natural state of “love and unity.”

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